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The Most Rapid, Reliable Viscometer on the Planet

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Master the Fundamentals

Founded in 2019, Haiku Instruments specializes in designing and manufacturing viscometers for the polymer industry. 


Success in any endeavor is depends upon mastering the fundamentals.

And there is no more fundamental polymer characterization technique than dilute solution viscometry.   That's why we chose this for our starting point in our  mission to modernize the polymer analysis toolkit.

Who or What is Haiku?

Our name is new in this industry, but Haiku's legacy reaches back into the 1980's. 


Our heritage is shared with the chemists and engineers who brought intrinsic viscosity measurements to the polymer market worldwide.  


At Haiku, our mission is to manufacture the highest quality measurement tools available to the polymer industry. 


Our dedication to quality means a narrow focus at the outset:  dilute solution viscometers.

Our Viscometers

Made to Exacting Standards

Those Standards are the ISO and ASTM Standards.  Using the standards as a guide, we took decades of instrumentation service experience from the field and the manufacturing floor and optimized every component required to carry out measurements in strict accordance with ISO 1628 and ASTM D5225.  

Curious about whether you can use this for D4603 results?  The method says:  yes.

Tight temperature controls

High-throughput concept

2x - 3x solvent savings

Fully Automated Weigh, Prep & Run

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