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Our solvent pump is at about 2000 hours of use, still holding strong. Given the need for only about 5mL of solvent per sample... that's a LOT of samples we could have run. How many did we actually run?

9 customer data sets

7 average samples per customer

2 preps per sample

2 duplicate injections per prep

252 injections of 126 unique samples.

How many were off-spec vs their manufacturer spec sheet? 6 injections. Because sneaky customers snuck in JUNK samples to test us. And we found those off-spec samples, like one at 0.215 dl/g IV versus a 0.180-0.200 dl/g spec. Yes, we re-prepped. And yes, we kept getting the wrong answer. Which was the right answer. And that is how you build confidence. Know the system works, run some verification samples, and keep going. Trust the data. It's a process control instrument, not an instrument control process you're running in the plant.

Call to action? Send in some samples and make sure we can perform. Just don't tell us when you're trying to be tricky -- we'll find out.

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